experience an unexpected level of comfort

Introducing SUBU

Why are the shoes called “SUBU”?
​It’s a shortened version of the Japanese expression sutto haku būtsu, which means slip-on shoes or shoes you can put on in the blink of an eye.


Shoes you slip on and the entire world is instantly within reach. Shoes of relaxed days, explorations of the neighborhood, and clear air breathed on a laidback mountain hike. Sandals. Inspired by their concept, SUBU takes it to a whole new level by bringing to the equation an unexpected level of warmth and comfort, a sturdy sole required for the outdoor, and an original, streamlined design. Functionality and beauty come together in a previously unknown category of footwear – SUBU.


Its streamlined, heelless design makes you ready to go outside in a matter of seconds, while the inventive 4-layer sole structure lets you experience an unexpected level of comfort. Designed in a vast array of colours, SUBU is a premium basic that fits the needs of modern lifestyles.

SUBU white

“Subu is a unisex indoor-outdoor-slipper designed in Japan. Inside, the puffy sandal is made of a four-layered insole that allows one to wear them barefoot and keep the feet warm and comfy; the Teflon-coated nylon outside repels water while the rubber soles makes them solid for wearing them in the street.” 

– Sportswear International March 2019

Subu footwear


I've been wearing my SUBUs everyday for the past three months and love them. They are the perfect thing to slip on when venturing out to the wood shed or when I want to pick fresh veges out of the garden.
Havelock North